...this is real. this is me.

If you know where the quote above came from and you continued singing along then I already love you! 

I am so glad you have decided to get to know me a little bit more. The state of Georgia has been my home for all 23 wonderful years of my life. From Perry, where I grew up, to Kennesaw, where I reside now, I love this place. This small town girl loves the city, the mountains, the lake, the beach, and more. I have a heart to explore and see all that our Creator has given to us. So, being able to go and see the world is important to me. 

When I put down the camera and take a step away from the lens, you can find me cheering on the Atlanta Braves, watching Marvel movies while eating Chili’s Bacon Ranch Quesadillas with a pot of coffee. Okay, I might not be drinking the coffee with the quesadillas but you get the picture. However, nothing warms my heart more than sitting in an aesthetic coffee shop with a mug full of black coffee with my family or friends. 

My living room is mainly used as a dance floor. I am all about a good dance party so catch me out on the dance floor for sure. My jams range from Taylor Swift to Ben Rector. I love any music, but especially worship music. 

There are two things that fuel my heart: Jesus + people. I am captivated by God’s grace that He has given to us and I want to love and serve people the way Jesus did in everything I do. It’s a beautiful moment when I get to see how the hand of God has woven together your story and then come alongside of you to capture the realness of it. 

Since a young age, I have always had a fascination with photography. I would pick up a regular point and shoot camera and take pictures of my sister at our home or our grandparents’. Those pictures are truly something else. Who knew that many years later I would receive my first camera to capture moments that I wanted to remember for a lifetime? I sure didn’t. I remember the day that I wanted to change this hobby into something more. I was sitting in my local coffee shop (shout out to Three Tree Coffee in Statesboro) and praying over photography and what this would be like. It was at that moment I wanted more. It was clear the Lord wanted me to do more too. Moments after I got done praying one of my friends walked up to me and said she wanted me to take her senior pictures. The rest is history. The best thing is the story has only begun and the best is yet come. 

As a photographer, I feel that you are letting me in on a piece of your life whether it’s a wedding, engagement or senior session. I don’t take that lightly. When I’m working, I am not there for me; I am there to serve YOU and you alone. I am your new best friend, dress fixer, dance partner, and professional third wheel. I want you to feel seen, heard, and loved. My mission is to remind you who you are and whose you are, a child of the King!

Are you ready? Let’s do the dang thing!

Let's Keep Talking

a few of my favorite things...

Loving God + Loving People
Atlanta Braves
New York City

The three C's: Coffee, Chilis and Chick-fil-a
Marvel Movies
Taylor Swift